Is White Chocolate Vegan? Vegan White Chocolate Brands

No. Most store-bought white chocolates are not vegan. Almost all white chocolates have dairy products. Vegans don’t consume anything from animal products such as dairy, eggs, honey, or byproducts.

You can make vegan white chocolate at home without dairy items using cocoa butter, vegan butter, soy lecithin, brown sugar, and a few other ingredients. It won’t have the typical creamy white chocolate touch, but it is an excellent white chocolate alternative for vegans.

Continue reading for a quick, easy-to-make, and delicious vegan white chocolate recipe.

white chocolate recipe

Can vegetarians eat white chocolate?

On the other hand, vegetarians can eat white chocolate as they consume dairy, eggs, honey, and byproducts that don’t involve animal killing. However, you must always check the ingredients on the packaging or search online, as some brands may add non-vegan ingredients.

Why is white chocolate not vegan? 

A typical white chocolate is made with 3 ingredients; cocoa butter, sugar, and dairy. Sugar does raise the issue of bone char, but many brands use raw sugar, and not all refineries use bone char. However, the main culprit is dairy. Dairy items as an ingredient in white chocolate is curtains for vegans. They don’t eat anything containing animal-based milk.

They don’t eat anything containing animal-based milk

Are there any Chocolate Brands selling White Chocolates for Vegan? 

Vegans (new and old) are always looking for vegan brands. The problem with white chocolate is that it is mostly not vegan. Here is a list of famous brands you may be interested in knowing if they sell vegan chocolate.

Barry Callebaut: They don’t have vegan white chocolate, but they offer a wide variety of dark vegan chocolates. All these chocolates are claimed to be dairy-free/vegan. However, you must always check the ingredients before buying.

Moo Free: Good news for vegans. Moo Free sells vegan white chocolate. You can buy it from Amazon and a few stores in the US.

Amazon and a few stores in the US

Baker’s White Chocolate: Baker’s white chocolate is another option for vegans. It is made from sugar, palm kernel fat, coconut fat, rice flour, soy lecithin, salt, flavors, citric acid, and vanillin. You can buy it here.

iChoc: iChoc is made with rice milk powder, raw cane sugar, and bourbon vanilla extract. All these ingredients are 100% vegan. Check it out on Amazon.

Check it out on Amazon

No Whey Foods – Milkless Polar Dream White Chocolate: It is made from vegan cane sugar, cocoa butter, maltodextrin (from corn), sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla, dextrose, and natural flavor. All these ingredients are 100% vegan. You can get it here.

Starbucks White Hot Chocolate: No. It is not vegan as it contains milk. Starbucks uses steamed milk to make its white hot chocolate. Steamed milk gives it the classic creamy and frothy touch.

However, you can choose plant-based milk such as oat, coconut, soy, and almond milk. All these options are vegan, but you can’t be sure about other ingredients. Hence, we recommend you avoid it and look for other Starbucks products that are 100% dairy-free and vegan.

Ghirardelli White Chocolate: No. It is not vegan. A typical Ghirardelli white chocolate contains up to 14% milk solids and 3.5% milk fat. You can see the screenshot from Ghirardelli’s official website.

the screenshot from Ghirardelli’s official website

Lindt White Chocolate Vegan: No. Lindt’s white chocolate is not vegan. It contains at least 3 ingredients that are not vegan. However, some of its dark chocolates are vegan. Their official response is shown below.

Their official response is shown below.

Lily’s White Chocolate: No. Lily’s white chocolate is not vegan. Lily’s clearly states on its website that none of its products is vegan. However, some of its products don’t contain animal products, but they are not vegan.

Dutch Bros White Chocolate: It is not vegan. You must avoid all items that contain caramel, almond roca, eggnog, or pumpkin sauces. However, you can enjoy other vegan and dairy-free drinks at Dutch Bros. You can replace any dairy base with oat, almond, or coconut milk and remove whipped cream from dairy-based toppings.

Hershey White Chocolate: No. Hershey’s white chocolate is not vegan. It contains dairy products. Vegetarians can eat it, but vegans cant. However, vegetarians may check the label and ingredients on the packaging.

Whittaker’s White Chocolate: Its white chocolates are not vegan. However, all its dark chocolate products are vegan and registered with the Vegan Society.

Dunkin Toasted White Chocolate: No. It is not vegan. You can opt for dairy-free milk, but we recommend you check the ingredients and allergens list before ordering.

Nestlé: Most of Nestlé’s white chocolates are not vegan. However, the brand launched KitKat V, a vegan variant of its famous KitKat in the UK.

Merckens: All Merckens white chocolates are not vegan.

Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur: No. Godiva white chocolate liqueurs are not vegan. They all contain dairy items.

Are White Chocolate Chips Vegan? 

Most white chocolate chips are not vegan as they contain dairy products. However, Baker’s Choice makes non-dairy white chocolate chips. The good news; you can buy them from amazon.

Can vegans have white chocolate syrup? 

No. Most white chocolate syrups are not vegan. You may find vegan white syrup in stores or online. Make sure you check the ingredients and labels before buying them.

Vegan White Chocolate Recipe

Andy Nevers
Enjoy tasty, indulging, and mouthwatering 100% vegan white chocolate with our simple, easy-to-make, and quick recipe. You’ll love this recipe so much that it’ll become your go-to vegan white chocolate recipe.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Chocolate, Dessert, Snacks
Cuisine American
Servings 1 Serving
Calories 504 kcal


  • Silicone Chocolate moulds (shape of your choice)
  • Boiling pot
  • Kitchen Scale


  • 2 tbsp creamy cashew butter
  • 50 grams cocoa butter (1¾oz)
  • 3 tbsp powdered sugar (brown sugar)
  • 5 tbsp coconut milk powder (you can use other dairy-free milk powders)
  • tbsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


  • Cut the cocoa butter into small square pieces. You can use your kitchen knife.
  • Melt the cocoa butter in a microwave oven or on a stovetop. Cocoa butter is sensitive to heat, so be careful while melting it.
  • Add cashew butter, powdered brown sugar, coconut milk powder, vanilla extract, and salt. Mix until you get a uniform mixture. You can also use a hand blender to mix the contents.
  • Pour the chocolate into the clean and dry chocolate molds.
  • Place in the fridge for 1-2 hours or until the mixture gets solid. You can also place the molds in the freezer if running short on time.
  • Remove the solid chocolate from the mold and enjoy.
  • Season with your favorite vegan toppings, or use them in other recipes.



  • Keep the chocolate in the fridge once it is ready.
  • Eat within 3 days of making.
  • You can use oat milk, almond milk, or other dairy-free plant-based milk in this recipe.
The nutritional information given below is approximately calculated for 1 serving. The values may change depending on the quality and quantity of ingredients used in the recipe.
  • Carbohydrates: 27.5g
  • Protein: 7.7g
  • Fat: 33.2g
  • Sugar: 24.3g  
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  • Andy Nevers

    Andy Nevers, the founder of VeganPros and GBB is a strong advocate for the plant-based movement. After going vegan a few years ago, Andy has set out on a mission to help make the world a healthier place.

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