Is Hummus Vegan Friendly? Health Benefits & Ingredients to Avoid

Yes. Hummus is almost always vegan. However, you cannot guarantee that hummus made by a chef, restaurant, or one available at your nearby supermarket is 100% vegan. The best way is to check the ingredients or ask about them when eating out.

Hummus is usually present on a vegan’s dinner table as it is versatile and goes with many things. Moreover, it is available in many flavors. You can make hummus at home in under 10 minutes with only a food processor and some common ingredients.

What is Hummus? 

Hummus is a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food staple made from a puree of cocked chickpeas, fresh garlic, tahini, and lemon. It is dairy-free and gluten-free. Hummus has a nutty, earthy flavor with a citric taste and slight acidity from fresh lemons.

Hummus’s popularity increased worldwide due to its health benefits and easy recipe. There are many variations to the original recipe, like spices, olives, onions, and red pepper paste. Some manufacturers also make hummus without chickpeas for people allergic to chickpeas.

hummus without chickpeas for people allergic to chickpeas

Ingredients to Avoid when Buying/Making Hummus

Chefs and restaurants make vegan hummus on request or mention it on their menus. It may be trickier to ensure your hummus is 100% vegan when buying ready-made. Some brands explicitly mark their products as vegan or non-vegan, while some don’t.

Don’t assume that hummus is vegan if there is no label. It can be non-vegan. Carefully check the label or search online for that particular brand.

Palm Oil: Palm oil is technically vegan as it is derived from plants and is free from animal products. However, its production has a devastating impact on animals and the environment. It is up to you to decide whether to consume palm oil. You may want to avoid it if you are following veganism as a lifestyle. You can go for hummus made with olive oil.

Sugar: Some hummus may have sugar in it. Sugar’s presence raises the issue of bone char. Bone char is used to process white sugar.

Additives & Natural Flavors: Some brands add different additives, such as stabilizers and emulsifiers, to make hummus smooth and extend its shelf life. Check each additive and ensure that it is 100% plant-based.

Some natural flavors can also come from animals. If you see natural flavors as an ingredient in your hummus, carefully read all the details before buying it.

Cross Contamination: It can usually happen at restaurants where veg and non-veg food items are prepared at one table. Some ingredients can sneak into your vegan dish by mistake. Big brands don’t have such problems as they make their vegan dishes separately.

Vitamin D: Some packed hummus contains vitamin D. Vitamin D comes from non-vegan foods such as seafood, dairy, and meat.

Honey: Lookout for honey in packed hummus if you are a vegan. Some vegetarians are okay with honey, while vegans don’t consume anything from animals.

chickpeas for people allergic to chickpeas.

Health Benefits of Hummus

  • It is made with plant-based nutrients and is rich in proteins and healthy nutrients.
  • Hummus helps fight chronic inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s response to injection, illness, or injury. Hummus helps deal with chronic inflammation in people where inflammation lasts longer.
  • Hummus is high in fiber and promotes digestive health.
  • Hummus is mostly made with chickpeas, which have a low glycemic index (GI). It can help you control blood sugar levels.
  • It contains ingredients that are good for your heart.
  • Hummus is an excellent source of protein and fiber; it helps lose weight.
  • Hummus is great for people with intolerance as it is naturally dairy-free and gluten-free.

it is naturally dairy-free and gluten-free

Is Sabra Hummus Vegan?

Yes. Sabra Hummus is a vegan and gluten-free food that is perfect for all vegetarians and vegans.

What are the Best Vegan Hummus Brands?

There are quite a few brands that sell vegan hummus. Here’s a list of famous vegan hummus brands that you can buy online or in supermarkets.

  • Hummustir Organic Fresh Hummus
  • Lilly’s Hummus
  • Wild Garden Hummus Dip
  • Veggicopia Dips
  • Roots Hummus Original
  • Hope Spicy Avocado Hummus
  • Eat Well Embrace Life Edamame Hummus
  • Delighted By Brownie Batter Hummus
  • Just Wholefoods Organic Hummus Mix

While there are plenty of vegan hummus options, you must check the ingredients, so look online for the particular brands you are interested in buying.

Does Hummus have Dairy?

No. Hummus almost always doesn’t have dairy items, and it is gluten-free as well.

Is Homemade/Restaurant Hummus Vegan Safe?

The answer is simple: it depends on the ingredients. Restaurants usually mention if an item is vegan-safe or not. You must check with the restaurant staff if the hummus or any other dish you order is vegan-safe.

Moreover, homemade hummus is 100% vegan if you have used vegan ingredients and avoided using milk, cheese, sugar, and honey.

How Long before Hummus goes bad?

Hummus, vegan or not vegan, usually stays good for 1-2 weeks in the fridge after it is opened. You must always check the expiry date/usage instructions on the packing.

Is Chocolate Hummus Vegan?

Chocolate hummus came to the scene in recent years. It has additional ingredients like cocoa powder and sugar. You must check the ingredients before consuming chocolate hummus or any other variation if you are a vegan.

hummus has dairy items or refined sugar. Refined sugar involves bone char.


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