Is Cocoa Butter Vegan? Vegan Cocoa Butter Brands

Cocoa butter is 100% vegan and dairy-free. Vegans can eat things made with cocoa butter if they don’t have any non-vegan ingredients. Hence, checking the ingredients and nutritional information is recommended. The confusion is due to the “butter” in its name. It is not dairy butter; just like Shea butter, cocoa butter is suitable for vegans.

Cocoa butter is a common ingredient in many foods, such as chocolates, cakes, ice creams, hot chocolates, and lattes. Cocoa butter is also found in many cosmetics, such as skin care products, moisturizers, and hair conditioners. You can also use melted cocoa butter in many recipes.

Cocoa butter (theobroma oil) is derived from the Theobroma cacao tree. It is native to Amazonian Region but grown in many humid tropical regions across the world.

but grown in many humid tropical regions across the world

What is Cocoa Butter? 

Cocoa butter is an edible fat. It has a pale yellowish appearance, a solid at room temperature but melts quickly when heated or applied to the skin.

Many people usually know cocoa butter as an ingredient in chocolate and skin ointments.

It is made by fermenting, drying, and roasting fresh cocoa beans. The oil is then extracted to make cocoa butter. The remaining oil is used to make cocoa powder.

Cocoa Butter Benefits 

Cocoa butter is all fat. It is hydrating and has a soothing effect on your skin. It nourishes the outer skin layer. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals, resulting in lower blood pressure and better heart health. However, cocoa butter is rich in fat and must be used in moderation.   

Can Vegans eat food items containing Cocoa Butter? 

The cocoa butter in its original form is 100% vegan and free from dairy, eggs, honey, and other animal-derived ingredients. However, it is often used in different recipes with dairy-based and animal products. Hence, checking the nutritional information and ingredients before eating anything containing cocoa butter is necessary.

Is Cocoa Butter Gluten-Free? 

Cocoa butter is 100% natural and gluten-free. You cannot say the same for products made using cocoa butter. Gluten holds ingredients together and adds a stretchy quality to your foods. Many items containing cocoa butter have gluten in them. Hence, it is better to check the ingredients if you are on a gluten-free diet.

Is Organic Cocoa Butter Vegan? 

Yes. It is 100% vegan. However, it may have some preservatives to increase its shelf life. Make sure you check the ingredients before buying organic cocoa butter.

Is Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vegan? 

There are many Vaseline variants with coca butter. While most of them have 100% vegan ingredients; some may be unsuitable for vegans. Hence, you must check the ingredients on the packaging.

Unilever owns Vaseline. Many people are concerned that it tests its products on animals. However, Unilever says it is PETA-certified and doesn’t test its products on animals. The conflicting statements put Vaseline on the gray list. The final decision rests with vegans if they want to use it.

decision rests with vegans if they want to use it

Is Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Vegan? 

Queen Helene doesn’t test its products on animals, making it cruelty-free. However, its cocoa butter is not vegan. The box lists beeswax as an ingredient. Vegans don’t use anything made from animals.

Vegans don’t use anything made from animals.

Is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Vegan? 

Palmer’s says that it is cruelty-free and doesn’t test on animals. However, it also says that all of its products are not vegan. Hence, you must check the ingredients before buying.

The good news for vegans is that its cocoa butter is vegan as it is free from beeswax. You can buy it from Amazon.

You can buy it from Amazon

Is De La Cruz Cocoa Butter Vegan? 

Yes. It is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and made without dairy. Moreover, De La Cruz doesn’t test its products on animals. It is commonly available in supermarkets and online.

It is commonly available in supermarkets and online

Is Cocoa Butter Lotion Vegan? 

Yes or no. It depends on the ingredients and the brand. Some brands offer vegan cocoa butter lotions and are cruelty-free. Some are cruelty-free but have non-vegan ingredients. So, it is always better to check the brand’s practices and product’s ingredients before buying.

Is Cocoa Powder Vegan? 

Yes. Cocoa powder is 100% vegan in its raw form. Cocoa powder is a common ingredient in many drinks and foods, but it is frequently used with dairy-based ingredients. When buying a commercial product containing cocoa powder, you must check the ingredients because it may be mixed with dairy milk powder or similar additives.

Can I make Cocoa Butter at home? 

Yes. You can grind raw cocoa beans with a fast-speed grinder to make cocoa butter.

Vegan Cocoa Butter Brands 

Here is a list of the top 5 brands that sell 100% vegan and dairy-free cocoa butter products. However, some of their products may not be suitable for vegans; don’t forget to check the ingredients before buying.

Are there any Ethical/Environmental issues with Cocoa butter farming? 

There have been some reports regarding ethical and environmental issues with cocoa farming. The environmental impacts include deforestation, soil contamination, and herbicide resistance. The ethical issues are inadequate to pay and harsh working conditions.

Many responsible companies source cocoa beans from farms and companies that ensure no such malpractices and exploitation. People who follow veganism may not be tempted to consume such products that involve cruel practices.


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