Is Becel Margarine Vegan? Vegan/Non Vegan Variations

Yes. Becel’s vegan pack and oat milk variations are 100% vegan. You cannot be certain about other variants unless you look at the ingredients. Hence, always check the ingredients on the packing to see if the particular Becel product is vegan or not.

particular Becel product is vegan or not

Let’s check out all of Becel’s variations and see if they are vegan.

Becel Products and whether they are Vegan or Not 

Becel Spreads 

  • BECEL® WITH OAT M!LK: 100% vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free
  • BECEL ORIGINAL: Not vegan, contains buttermilk powder
  • BECEL BUTTERY TASTE: Not vegan, contains buttermilk powder
  • BECEL WITH OLIVE OIL: Not vegan, contains dairy
  • BECEL VEGAN: 100% vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free
  • BECEL LIGHT: Not vegan, contains whey but healthier than other options because it is low on calories
  • BECEL SALT-FREE: Not vegan
  • BECEL PRO.ACTIV: Not vegan, contains whey

Plant-Based Bricks 

  • BECEL PLANT-BASED SALTED BRICKS: 100% vegan and dairy-free
  • BECEL PLANT-BASED UNSALTED BRICKS: 100% vegan, kosher and dairy-free

Plant-Based Cream 

  • BECEL PLANT-BASED WHIPPING CREAM: Vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free

Plant-Based Sticks 

  • BECEL PLANT-BASED SALTED STICKS: 100% vegan and dairy-free
  • BECEL PLANT-BASED UNSALTED STICKS: 100% vegan and dairy-free

Important: Please note that Becel has recently changed the recipe for its plant-based sticks and made them vegan. You may find non-vegan variants in stores or online, so don’t forget to check the ingredients before buying.

Becel Oils 

  • BECEL OIL: Vegan

Verdict: Becel has 2 vegan spreads along with plant-based bricks, sticks, and cream. Its oils are also 100% vegan and free from animal-derived ingredients. However, you must always check the ingredients when buying any eatables, as some manufacturers may change ingredients to introduce variations, seasonal trends, and in-demand items.

What are the Ingredients in Becel Vegan Spreads? 

Becel has two vegan spreads. Let’s check out the ingredients for both of them.





Ingredient Analysis: Many vegans don’t eat things made with palm oil because its farming is often associated with damage to animal habitats and the environment. This isn’t the case with Becel; it ensures that the palm oil it uses in all its products is obtained from sustainable sources and doesn’t contain animal byproducts.

Becel also clears the air around the natural flavors it uses in its products. It doesn’t give out the exact information as it is proprietary, but it assures all of its customers that all flavors and ingredients used in its vegan variants are 100% plant-based.

Vegan Butter/Margarine Spreads 

Is Becel Suitable for Vegetarians? 

Yes. All Becel products are vegetarian. Vegetarians eat dairy products, eggs, honey, and other byproducts that don’t involve killing animals.

Is Becel Margarine Gluten-Free?

Its vegan variations are gluten-free. Some non-vegan spreads may have gluten. Hence, it is recommended to check the ingredients before buying.

Can you use Becel instead of Butter?

Yes. Vegans can have Becel instead of butter. The good part about Becel is that it is free from tans-fat and low on saturated fat.

Is Stork Margarine Vegan? 

Yes. All Stork variations are 100% vegan and contain no dairy ingredients. However, Stork is owned by Unilever. Many vegans don’t buy Unilever products because the brand has been involved in animal testing.

Is Land O Lakes Margarine Vegan? 

Yes. Land O Lakes plant-based creamy spread is 100% vegan and dairy-free. Some of its products are not vegan and contain dairy. Make sure you check the ingredients before buying.

Is Country Crock Margarine Vegan? 

Country Crock’s plant-based butter is technically vegan but contains palm oil and vitamins A & E. Since it has not mentioned the source of these ingredients, you cannot be sure whether it is 100% vegan or not.

Is Imperial Margarine Vegan? 

Imperial margarine doesn’t have dairy but contains palm oil and vitamin A without source clarification. It puts Imperial margarine on the gray list.

Is Blue Bonnet Margarine Vegan? 

Blue Bonnet also contains palm oil and vitamin A, putting it on the gray list for vegans.


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