Why Shop Sustainable Fashion?

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So you want to shop for clothes that not only make you feel good when you wear them, but also feel good about buying them.

While your wallet may feel good buying from cheaper websites, cheaper “fast fashion” clothing is not only bad for the environment, it is also made inhumanly.

So what is sustainable fashion?

According to a study in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, sustainable fashion’s key components are:

“...local sourcing and production, transparency across the supply chain, traceability of work processes and raw materials, environmentally friendly raw materials, safe working conditions, and fair wages.”

So what makes sustainable fashion better than mass-produced products?

There are many benefits to shopping in a sustainable fashion including, creating less waste, fair working conditions, the lessening of carbon emissions, and it saves water as well as animals. 

Better for the Planet

Sustainable fashion brands focus on the materials they use for their products, meaning materials that are organic, and made to last. The fashion industry creates a giant carbon footprint, fills landfills, uses chemicals that get transferred into our drinking water, and destroys wildlife. By choosing sustainable fashion not only are you creating less waste, saving animals, and lowering your carbon footprint, you are also saving yourself money by buying clothes that will last longer than “fast fashion”.

 Fair Working Conditions

Because “fast fashion” is all about cutting corners and spending as little money as possible to create their products, the employees are forced to work long hours and get paid very little. In sustainable fashion, you are guaranteeing that the clothing you bought did not take advantage of workers.

Shopping for clothes can be a stressful situation, but next time you do go clothes shopping remember all the harm “fast fashion” and mass-market products do to the environment and consider switching to sustainable fashion.