Welcome to Green Body Brand


Founded in Washington D.C. in 2020, Green Body Brand is a sustainable apparel company, for all.

While Washington D.C. is where you can trace our beginnings, our global community is where you’ll find our heartbeat and what sparks our passion for all things vegan and sustainability.

A pioneer in the vegan space, Andy Nevers, is the Founder and CEO at Green Body Brand. Once a United States Marine, he became vegan in 2017 because learned about the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. Driven by his passion for veganism, he founded and is the CEO of Plantarion, a platform creating a healthier world by connecting the plant-based community with plant-based service providers. From Plantarion, Green Body Brand (GBB) was born, and was created on a mission to help make more eco-friendly clothing to help create a sustainable world. Green Body Brand’s mission is to design beautiful, unique, fun, and environmentally friendly designs to help create a more sustainable world.

Andy and his Green Body Brand's leadership is setting a new standard for how to build eco-friendly companies by making sustainability a part of every area; from transparent and ethical sourcing of raw materials, to environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing, to packaging and shipping. GBB goes beyond its products in its fight against climate change, and is committed to fighting climate change and advocating for a new standard of living in a more sustainable world. 

After Andy went vegan, he became a strong advocate for the plant-based movement, and has been inspired ever since to focus on helping with the elimination of animal cruelty, reduction of carbon emission, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Through Green Body Brand, he aims to inspire and educate everyone we know to live and work for a sustainable future. Andy’s vision is to create a community where people can not only learn but hold discussions about the vegan lifestyle, leading more mindful lifestyles with endless possibilities of creating a better relationship with our planet.

As a diverse, majority women-led team, GBB aims to create eco-friendly beautiful designs to help create a more sustainable world right along with Andy, as Green Body Brand continues to empower people to reach their full potential in shaping a more thoughtful culture of people who take responsibility in intentionally supporting sustainable companies and products.

GBB aims to make our world a better place and build better communities that are passionate about living a better life for the health of our planet. We want to make the world around us more sustainable and eco-friendly, and we want to inspire others to do the same. Green Body Brand is happy to partner with organizations that make positive changes that ranges from non-profit organizations that fight against animal cruelty and testing, to those that clean our planet’s ecosystems, to those that research new and innovative ways to consume less, reduce waste, support recycling and more.