Plantarion: A Vegan and Veg-Curious Community Hub.


Plantarion Meets You At Every Step In Your Journey

Whether you are curious about starting a plant-based lifestyle, already on your journey, or a plant-based advocate or provider; Plantarion has a space for you in our community. Plantarion has fashioned an effortless community for you to join that eliminates the need to go it alone or scour the wide internet for hours looking for answers to your most pressing questions or searching for plant-based providers. We know your time is valuable and that getting the resources and support you need should be straightforward. That is why we created a community with providers that can assist you in answering those burning questions, reaching your goals, and helping you to succeed. How can Plantarion help you?

Transitioner : Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle

Are you curious to learn more about a plant-based lifestyle? Or are you ready to take that leap and dive right in? Looking for where to start?  We have all been there. We have put in the numerous hours of research. We have watched, oh so many, what I eat in a day videos, viewed countless documentaries, and read scholarly articles and every book we could throw into our shopping cart. We know starting a transition into a plant-based lifestyle can seem daunting. However, it does not need to be. Showing up shows that your heart is in the right place and you are ready for a life changing inspiring journey. Plantarion wants to be your support during this transitional period in your life. Plantarion and our providers want to work alongside you one small change at a time, at your own pace, and with a method that works for you so your transition to a plant-based lifestyle is as natural as the food you are eating. We hope you join us here. 

Vegan Veteran : Deepening Community and Expanding Options and Knowledge

Where are my plant-based veterans? Plantarion wants to applaud you and give a shout out to being a part of an ever growing community. Plantarion can help those new to a plant-based lifestyle and to those who are years into their plant-based journey. We can connect you to providers that can help you expand upon your knowledge, give you a wealth of options for adding new tools to use, and to help your plant-based lifestyle change with you through the years. Come check out our exciting new plant-based providers here and see what inspirational new connections you can make.  

Vegan Providers : Strengthening Community and Outreach

Wanting to grow your new business? Interested in being a part of a growing plant-based community? Plantarion would love for you to join us on our mission and help make being plant-based accessible to everyone. Plantarion can assist you in growing your plant-based clients and connect and partner you with other plant-based providers. Best of all though, you will be able to connect with individuals transitioning, maintaining, or expanding their plant-based journey. We hope that you will join us here to share your plant-based inspiration and knowledge.


More About Plantarion 

The Plantarion story began with the Founder & CEO, Andy, and his personal experience with transitioning to veganism. Like many others, Andy grew up eating the traditional animal-based diet, which eventually led to weight gain and some health issues. Switching cold-turkey

to a vegan lifestyle helped him gain tremendous health improvements. Andy quickly realized that finding the right knowledge and resources for transitioning to and maintaining a plant-based lifestyle was needlessly difficult. As he spoke with others who had gone through their own plant-based journeys, he realized they all shared similar struggles. As he met many plant-based providers in the community, he also learned that they too struggled with standing out online and connecting with consumers seeking plant-based services.

And so – Plantarion was born. We hope that you come and check us out. 

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