How to Eat More Sustainably


It’s inevitable, everyone needs to eat, however, it is up to us what we put in our bodies 3 times a day.  What we put on our plates is one of the most important decisions not only for our bodies but for our carbon footprint and the environment as well. 

Today’s agricultural norm is to use heavy amounts of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers which harm the soils that animals eat. The best way to help avoid future harm to the environment we can begin to eat more sustainably.

Sustainable eating sounds hard and impossible, but here are two easy ways to eat more sustainably without hurting your wallet with expensive alternatives to the foods you already eat. 

Shop Locally

Local produce is exactly what it sounds like, local, which means that the produce is fresh. Fruits and vegetables tend to lose nutrients during their travel to supermarkets, which means you receive less vitamin c and other important vitamins from the products you are purchasing. 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), there’s no standardized distance that characterizes foods as local. Instead, stores typically use a set distance or state boundary to make this distinction, meaning that produce can be flown to your nearest grocery store for days thus creating carbon emissions. Shopping locally eliminates most of the traveling produce has to go through in order to be purchased. 

Start your Own Garden

Starting your own garden sounds stressful, but nothing tastes better than the food grown in your own backyard. As previously mentioned, the fresher the produce the finer quality and the more nutrients. You also save money while grocery shopping since you wouldn’t have to buy as many groceries. There are many easy-to-grow vegetables and fruits that are perfect for any new gardener. You’re getting foods that do not have pesticide treatments on them, and you know exactly where your food comes from when you grow it yourself. 

These are only two ways to begin eating more sustainably but there are many other options out there you just have to find which one works best for you.