How do I make my wardrobe more sustainable?

The concern about sustainability in the fashion industry has moved from the sidelines to the frontline in the last few years. The sustainability fashion conversation has picked up steam and is only getting stronger with the fashion influencers (vegan bloggers, animal rights and environmental activists, journalists, and ethical brands) that have helped push sustainability. These days, advocating for a more sustainable world is more popular than it’s ever been before, inspiring many people to switch to an eco-friendly wardrobe. Are you thinking about making your whole wardrobe sustainable? You must have so many questions, like: what should I do with my existing wardrobe? What should I do with my clothing items that I can’t use anymore? Many others have been in your shoes, so if you’re overwhelmed, that’s okay… because we’re here to help you. A lot of people have been unsure how to start their journey into buying eco-friendly fashions, but we’re here to address the most common concerns that you may have about impactful buying habits that will help our planet.

Why should I start buying sustainable clothing?

You probably can’t go on a shopping spree and splurge on a whole new wardrobe for many reasons, so here are some tips:

  • Don’t rush to discard fashion items from your wardrobe you still use regularly that you don’t think are sustainable and replace them with sustainable items as a way to begin your eco-friendly journey. Sustainable fashion isn’t just about spending money on ethical brands. It's also about making sure the clothes you already own are well taken care of so you may get long-lasting functionality from them for as long as you can.
  • Ask yourself how many items just sit in your closet that are getting zero use. Make that your starting point and rediscover your own clothes. A wonderful way to rediscover your wardrobe is to choose new pieces of clothing that you’ve never paired together and create new outfits with them.
  • More than likely you’ll come across some clothes that need repairing. Rather than throwing those items in your wardrobe away, choose to mend rather dispose of them. We know it’s convenient to just toss ripped, torn, or broken items away, but instead, try fixing them.


Every new piece of clothing that’s produced has an enormous carbon footprint.

What if I really don’t need this item anymore or it doesn’t fit?

The next best thing to repairing is donating clothing items instead of tossing them away. Think about who you know that would like your items and give it to them, or donate your clothing items to non-profits or second-hand clothing stores. Or you can sell them on eBay or participate in popular clothing swaps.So, you’ve done everything you can do save what you already own, and now it’s time to make thoughtful decisions when purchasing your new retail items. Your shopping habits make an impact on the planet, so remember how impactful your choices are. Next time you’re shopping, remember that every new piece of clothing that’s produced has an enormous carbon footprint. Your everyday choices have an impact, so choose to put your money toward sustainable brands that are ethical. Remember before whipping out your credit or debit card for exciting new retail items, that it comes with an enormous price that could either harm or improve the planet.Green Body Brand, like other ethical brands, uses transparent supply chains, ensures fair wages for garment workers, and utilizes vegan and sustainable-friendly fabrics in our collections that do not support animal cruelty. So yes, definitely support and buy from sustainable retail brands—but do keep in mind that it’s your mentality that’s important too. Choose sustainable products, recycle, repair, borrow, donate, and get creative and think outside of the box to prolong the life of your clothing items.